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UPK Graduations

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

On June 23, Ellis held a memorable graduation ceremony for 40 preschoolers who will soon embark on their kindergarten journey in September. The beautifully decorated Music and Movement Studio echoed with laughter and applause as the children sang and their proud parents eagerly captured every precious moment on camera.

As the ceremony neared its end, an additional surprise awaited the preschoolers. In recognition of their hard work, each child was presented with a backpack brimming with essential school supplies. Intercontinental Real Estate generously provided these backpacks, which contained notebooks, pencils, and crayons. These tools will undoubtedly nurture the young graduates' enthusiasm for learning as they transition into kindergarten.

Amidst the joyous celebration, a touch of bittersweet nostalgia lingered as Brenda Barreto, the beloved Assistant of VP Programs, bid farewell after an incredible 22-year tenure at Ellis Early Learning. This graduation ceremony held profound significance, marking the end of an era in Brenda's dedicated career.

In celebrating these preschool graduates, we celebrate the power of early education and the boundless potential within each child. They are now poised to make their mark on the world, armed not only with backpacks full of supplies but with the knowledge, skills, and determination to thrive in their academic pursuits.

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