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Ellis Early Learning and Housman Institute Partnership 

Ellis Early Learning is proud to partner with the Housman Institute to bring the begin to ECSEL (Emotional, Cognitive and Social Early Learning) Educator Training Program to our Ellis community.

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year, the Ellis educator and program leadership team will participate in a robust training program that utilizes a combination of physical classroom tools, asynchronous learning, an online social community, and ongoing live support.

Research and evidence-based, Emotional, Cognitive and Social Early Learning (ECSEL) is proven to improve children’s social and emotional skills, self-regulation, and empathy, all of which lead to academic success.

Ellis is excited to serve as an ECSEL Lab School where the efficacy of the program and impact on emotional competence, self-regulation, and learning outcomes will be continuously reviewed and supported.


This year, Ellis teachers and mentors will complete 4 courses and will apply what’s learned in an ongoing basis in our classrooms. We welcome visitors to Ellis to learn more and see begin to ECSEL in action!

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