About Ellis 

Ellis strengthens Boston’s diverse working families by providing high quality education and care for children. Our goal is to help all children develop the social, emotional, and academic skills they need to be successful in school and in life.  Ellis stands out for being among the most socio-economically, racially and culturally diverse organizations serving the children of Boston.


We engage over 200 children per year in full-time early education and year-round school-age programming, with an emphasis on program excellence and diverse enrollment. Of our participants, 65% receive childcare subsidies from the government, and 80% are people of color. 

Research on children from low-income households shows that compared with their peers, those who were enrolled in high quality early education programs exhibit stronger early reading and math skills, significant gains in social-emotional skills, reduced rates of repeating grades, reduced placement in special education, and increased likelihood of attending a four-year university.  Research also shows that children who attend racially and socio-economically diverse schools build more empathy.  At Ellis, all children thrive together.