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How you can help Ellis Early Learning

Ellis is a rare model for equitable, exceptional early education and we need your help to prevent achievement and opportunity gaps that can begin early and can last a lifetime.

Delivering the Ellis experience is possible thanks to our giving community whose support assists in bridging a $1.3 million gap in revenue for Ellis' operating expenses.

Include Ellis Early Learning in your will to make an impact beyond your lifetime.

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Raise your voice to support the improvement of early education statewide.

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Host an event or drive on our behalf. Donate in-kind items like diapers and clothes.

The Ellis Early Learning Fund is an annual program of inviting and recognizing charitable support at leadership levels.  Special recognition opportunities are available at levels from $1,000 to $100,000 a year.

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Learn about our corporate sponsors and how your organization can get involved with Ellis Early Learning. 

Join our volunteers in the classrooms or come and have fun at our events. 

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