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Early childhood education and care are essential for children to learn and their parents to work. The family's economic security is foundational to children’s overall well-being. States with policies that offer strong support to young children and their families are more likely to see declining numbers of children in low-income households and low racial disparity among those children. This is essential because research also shows that rapid brain development occurs during the early childhood years. 

We need educators, parents, partners, and allies to raise a powerful, collective voice to demand that our nation's policies catch up with the science about the importance of brain development and the benefits of investing in high-quality early learning built with educators who are skilled, supported, and compensated for the complex and demanding jobs they perform.


Find your local legislators and note their contact information. Don't hesitate to send them an email or call them to protect, prioritize, and build on early childhood investments. Below are some examples of emails and call you can make:


Dear [Rep. NAME],

I am writing to you today to urge you to protect, prioritize, and build on investments in child care and early learning programs. Parents and children in our district are counting on you.

Working parents need reliable, safe, quality child care while they go to work. For far too many, however, it's hard to find or afford the childcare or early learning programs they need.

When Congress prioritizes funding for these programs, it helps working parents maintain their careers and provide for their family; in turn this also supports a stable workforce that is key to a successful economy.

Federal lawmakers must shore up additional funding to support states as they seek to increase available child care, strengthen the workforce, and make sure parents have the affordable, quality options they need.

Over the years, federal programs supporting early learning and care have seen broad support across parties. But there is more to do. Please urge your colleagues to join you in taking all opportunities to protect, prioritize, and build on federal funding for early learning and childcare programs. 


[Your Name]


Hi, my name is [NAME]. I am reaching out because I know Members are making key funding decisions right now. I am really concerned about critical child care and early learning programs in my state.

This is urgent. Without strong funding, working parents and their children will struggle to find and afford the childcare and early learning programs they need, which set them on a strong path for their futures.

These critical federal investments support a parent's ability to go to work and provide for their family. They also support a stable workforce, which is key to a successful economy.

Over the years, federal programs supporting early learning and care have seen broad support across both parties. Can I count on Representative [NAME] to continue this support by protecting and prioritizing early learning and childcare funding for America’s families?


Thank you!

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