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Swan Boat rides!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

During the month of June, the preschoolers and toddlers from Ellis South End had a blast at the Boston Public Garden, where they made memories of the Swan Boats. As they entered the garden, the children’s eyes widened with wonder. The families of ducks gracefully gliding through the pond caught their attention, accompanied by adorable baby ducks waddling behind. Squirrels scurried across the green landscape, undoubtedly aware of the abundance of snacks that awaited them.

The children's fascination with the ducks grew, and they eagerly anticipated their turn to board the Swan boat on the pond. However, a short wait was in order, allowing the kids to release their energy by running and playing with their parents, teachers, and each other.

The moment arrived when they finally stepped aboard the boat, their anticipation reaching its peak. They were greeted by giant swans majestically attached to the vessel, their grandeur only adding to the thrill of the adventure. The children couldn't contain their joy as they embarked on their voyage across the pond.

Once the boat ride was over, it was snack time. The squirrels, ever resourceful, tried their best to snatch a nibble from the children's treats. Laughter filled the air as kids, parents, and teachers playfully chased away the mischievous squirrels.

As the day drew to a close, the group reluctantly packed their belongings and began their journey back to Ellis. Several children, exhausted from their eventful day, had drifted off to sleep, and the parent chaperones took advantage of the peaceful moment to quietly slip away.

It was a day filled with laughter, discovery, and a sense of community. The beauty of Boston and the enchantment of the Public Garden provided the perfect backdrop for a memorable adventure. These cherished moments would be forever etched in the hearts of the children, parents, and teachers who had shared this delightful experience.

Thank you to all the amazing chaperones that helped the teachers during the Swan Boats rides: Beatriz Barata, Anairys Calderon, Kaylin Carrasquillo, Tim Clinton, Barbara Cronin, Morgan DesPrez, Octavia Draughn, Maritza Ebling, Ally Forbes, Elyse Hanson, Nora Hernandez, Casey Hingtgen, Ileana Laboy, Michelle Laboy, Rebekah Lahout, Brad Lassey, Sarah Lassey, Ben Levitt, Meredith Lipnick, Karin Norton, Kate Pinto, Casey Popkins, Matt Rogers, Carreau Ryder, and Aiyauna Terry.

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