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STRIVE Grant Strengthens Ellis’s Trauma-Informed Approach

Ellis was selected by Boston Medical Center (BMC) as the beneficiary of the STRIVE grant in the fall of 2019. STRIVE (Supportive Trauma Interventions for Educators) was founded in collaboration with BMC’s Child-Witness to Violence Project, Boston Public Schools and Vital Village Network with the shared goal of strengthening educators’ trauma-informed practices, in turn strengthening children’s overall well-being and success.

Ellis Social Worker Jenn Apps says that the STRIVE partnership “creates an amazing opportunity for Ellis to strengthen our work with our children and to help us further develop more holistic and comprehensive care for our families.” She highlights that the partnership has “strengthened teacher’s commitment to their roles as to how pivotal this time for a child’s brain development is and how they can be a part of supporting healthy development.”

STRIVE and BMC’s partnership with Ellis offers resources and support to strengthen programming by developing skills for comprehensive, well-rounded care for children and families through the integration of trauma-informed practices. By hosting focus groups with members of Ellis staff, administration, and families, the STRIVE team gained insight into Ellis programming and culture in order to determine areas for improvement. In a series of all-staff trainings, the STRIVE and Ellis teams have worked together to reinforce their trauma-informed skills and learn strategies for social-emotional regulation for children, as well as improve student-teacher interactions. The STRIVE all-staff trainings also focused on integrating a cultural lens into these practices, acknowledging the inequities in exposure to adverse childhood experiences and their impact on children’s learning and behavior.

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