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Partner Spotlight: Community Music Center of Boston

Ellis is excited to launch a partnership with the Community Music Center of Boston to provide online music therapy services to Ellis’s children (and move to in-person sessions when appropriate).

Ellis and the Community Music Center of Boston (CMCB) have launched a partnership to provide our toddlers with a unique opportunity to explore their emotions and achieve developmental growth through music.

Music therapy is the skillful use of music to promote, maintain, and restore physical,

social, cognitive, and emotional health. When music is used as therapy, its nonverbal, imaginative, organizing, and emotional qualities provide a pathway for growth. Music therapy can enhance communication, build confidence, accelerate development, support academic achievement, and encourage self-expression.

"I am so excited about our new partnership with CMCB and their music therapy program for many reasons, including that they are one of our neighbors in the South End community,” said Jenn Apps, Ellis’s Social Worker. “I love the enthusiasm they bring to their work and their openness to partner creatively as we all continue to adjust to nontraditional ways of meeting. I am genuinely impressed with how well their classes run. The activities are fun and dynamic, and while the toddlers are enjoying the music, they are also building the foundations for social emotional literacy and positive social skills. We are so fortunate to be able to offer this opportunity to both the children and their families!"

Group music therapy sessions allow participants to belong to a community that celebrates their abilities and contributions. Sessions include songwriting, movement, singing and instrument play. Through interactive peer relationships that build strong connections, children develop healthy social skills.

CMCB’s credentialed Music Therapists are able to address a wide range of developmental areas through their innovative sessions, including:

· Academic and cognitive skills

· Behavioral needs

· Communication and speech

· Daily living needs

· Emotional and psychological awareness and expression

· Motor development

· Sensory needs

· Social skills

We look forward to coming together for in-person sessions as soon as we can.

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