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Ellis in bloom: PNC and Natixis volunteers garden with children

Bruins classroom gardening with Natixis volunteers at Ellis-58 Berkeley
Maple classroom planting seeds with PNC volunteers at Ellis-JP

During April and May, Ellis Early Learning preschool classrooms experienced exciting and enriching days as teams of volunteers from PNC created beautiful gardening projects with the children. The initiative aimed to foster a love for nature and provide hands-on learning opportunities.

The enthusiastic volunteers arrived at Ellis Early Learning Centers equipped with gardening tools, plants, and seeds. Working together with the children, they transformed the outdoor spaces into green oases. In the JP play yard, PNC volunteers planted a variety of flowers and plants, creating a welcoming environment for the children to explore during playtime. Meanwhile, the Natixis volunteers extended their green fingers to the South End deck at 58 Berkeley, cultivating a mini-garden where children can play surrounded by the growing flowers and vegetables.

Inside classrooms, volunteers shared their expertise, guiding the children in planting seeds. The children eagerly participated in the process, learning about how plants grow and what they need to thrive.

The effort of PNC and Natixis volunteers at Ellis Early Learning serves as a powerful reminder of the positive impact community engagement can have on the development of young minds. The memories created during these gardening projects will stay with the children for years to come, inspiring them to appreciate and protect the natural world. Ellis remains deeply grateful to our friends at Natixis and PNC for their volunteerism and support.

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