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Bain & Company adopts Ellis and marks a year of shared success

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It was the day of the “Big Reveal.” Last February, Catherine Farrow, an Ellis Trustee and former Ellis parent, was sitting with 500 fellow Bain & Company executives, when she heard that her proposal had been accepted: Bain & Company chose Ellis for its Adopt-an-Org for 2022. And soon our journey began.

The Bain & Company Adopt-an-Org program brings the winning nonprofit into their world, offering management consulting, hands-on assistance (with our children as well as our office staff), help with events, and so much more.

Bain & Company volunteers have helped Ellis in so many ways. Here are some highlights:

· Organizing and fundraising to provide graduation backpacks for our pre-K children

· Helping out with our Back-to-School events for students and parents in both the South End and

Jamaica Plain locations

· Assisting with fundraising events such as the Spring Social that raised nearly $15,000

· Analyzing fundraising and marketing data to help Ellis raise funds more efficiently and communicate our messages more effectively

We achieved all these results – and more – thanks to the hard work and expertise of dozens of Bain & Company employees who gave so much of themselves. We especially want to thank Josh Eiland, Sara Moreno, Kelsi Okun, Keshav Velodi, and Amy Zhang.

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