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Meet Ellis Northeastern Co-Ops!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

(From left) Elizabeth, Giana, Rebecca and Vera

This year, Ellis’s team has been strengthened by our first group of students from the Northeastern University Co-op Program. This nationally recognized program allows students to alternate semesters between their regular course curriculum and a semester of full-time employment. The opportunities for students range from small startups to global enterprises and everything in between. The co-op program is designed to give students real-world experience and build connections with their industries on a more intimate level.

Our co-ops help all over Ellis. Giana Spring, a psychology major, is working with the social work team inside and outside the classroom, helping children regulate their emotions during class and helping families connect with resources across the city. Vera Saitcevsky, an international affairs and international business major, and Elizabeth Thorne, a religious studies major, are helping CEO Lauren Cook with administrative and advocacy work as well as supporting teachers in classrooms. Rebecca Koblish, a politics, philosophy, and economics major, is helping the development office grow our philanthropy. All of our co-ops started over the summer and will be with us through the end of 2023.

We are so glad to be engaging with students from Boston and sharing Ellis with them. Our Northeastern co-ops have been an excellent addition to our team, and just as they are going to leave their impact on Ellis, we know that Ellis will leave an impact on them.

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